Spring is sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where them birdies is

Updated: Feb 11

So I'm going out to find them. I'm Neil by the way. I've done a few long walks before and now I have decided to start walking, on Sunday 15 March 2020, in Cluny (Burgundy) and wander down through France, over the Pyrenees and along the north coast of Spain to Santiago. I shall, on the way, meet interesting people, put myself on the outside of a lot of wine and tapas, try to avoid bed bugs, get grumpy, get sad, get happy and get lost.

Its1600 kilometres on the roads and Google tells me I should get there in 15 hours and 4 minutes by car. Its longer on the walking paths. A little bit longer distance wise and a little bit lots and lots longer time wise. This would depress were I not such a simple soul. As I tootle along I intend updating this blog with photos, videos and comments both pertinent and impertinent. This is principally so that friends and family, when sufficiently bored, may follow my progress, but I also hope it might tempt the occasional casual visitor to dig out boots and pack and step out onto the open road. Look before you step out.....



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