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Looks like the Camino is postponed and we’ll all have to learn a bit about self-isolation....

OFFICIAL RELEASE NUMBER 2 - Santiago de Compostela 13/03/20

In view of the ongoing Corona virus crisis and the responsibility we owe to our pilgrims and volunteer hospitaleros, we offer the following to the Camino community: 

1) We advise pilgrims to NOT undertake the Jacobean pilgrimage until this situation returns to normal. The Camino has seen similar things in its miraculous history, and it will still be here when this crisis, too, is history. 

2) Most of our hospitality volunteers at FICS come from outside Spain. We thank them for their enthusiasm and dedication, and assure them their well-being is our first priority. We release them of their commitments to serve at Grado until the current situation returns to stability and safety. A thousand thanks to all of them.

3) We urge everyone to follow the advice and warnings of the health authorities without question.

4) We call on the civil authorities responsible for the Caminos de Santiago to protect and support by all means possible the 3,000-plus pilgrims currently on the Iberian caminos who were taken by surprise by the magnitude of this situation. 

5) We urge those same authorities, and very particularly to Autonomous Communities and the Xacobeo Council, to provide clear and timely instructions regarding the operation of emergency pilgrim accommodations -- including the provisional closure and timely re-opening of albergues. FICS puts all its resources at their disposal. We encourage the Camino community to join us in this responsibility. Working together, we will soon again walk our beautiful Way of St. James. Ultreia y suseia



Postponed due to COVID-19

I’m sad to say it but I have decided to postpone indefinitely this trip.



1. If I’m going to get the virus I’d rather have it at home.
2. If I’m going to be quarantined I would rather be quarantined at home (as opposed to a cramped pilgrim hostel with 20 bunk beds).
3. I do not wish to be a possible carrier of the virus from village to village.
4.. There will be far less people on the Camino now and  one of the reasons for doing the Camino is to meet others from all over the world
5. I suspect the reception pilgrims offered to pilgrims  will be considerably cooler  ( I can imagine “ No pilgrims” signs appearing in bars and cafés)
6. I can’t carry enough toilet paper to last ten weeks.

As soon as things clear up I’ll see what plan B is!
Take good care everybody and wash your damn hands! 🤗


The route

Cluny is north of north west of Mâcon and about 220 kilometres north of Le Puy (see the map below). I intend (I intended being a train driver and that didn't work out...) walking from Cluny, through Le Puy down to just before the Pyrenees. I should then cut over to Irun and walk the Camino Del Norte (again) through to Ovido. When I get to Ovido I hope to then head south on the Camino Primitivo (over the mountains) to Leon where I will join the Camino Frances to walk into Sant



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